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Al-Noor Morocco

“Al- Noor Morocco” will be a globally integrated city challenging our intellectual expectations, commercial
financing experiences, cultural limitations and religious barriers. A truly humanitarian
effort with the goal of:

• Relieving poverty
• Creating equitable standards of living
• Satisfying basic needs of its inhabitants
• Establishing sustainable political practices
• Avoiding irreversible damages to nature
• Reconciling development with regenerative capacity of natural environment

Based on a combination of leading-edge master planning and design, interwoven with Moroccan history and cultural identity, to create a truly international city that would be the envy of any State
or Nation.

Energy – Clean & Green. The city’s power requirements will be supplied by solar and wind energy. These sustainable methodsof creating electricity are the ultimate in environmental compatibility and are naturally clean.

Farming - Planting the Future. Approximately 40% of Al-Noor Morocco’s land area will be dedicated to farmland. Through the construction of various water supplying infrastructures, much needed crops will finally be available to grow and help support the needs of the people throughout Africa and beyond.

Housing - A Place to Call Home. Morocco’s vibrant past is not forgotten in the design of the new housing structures. From apartments to large family homes, all will complement the natural environment and be environmentally friendly.

Religious Centers - Worship. Various religious centers and Mosques will be located throughout the city.

HealthCare Centers - Living Well. Through the placement of strategically located HealthCare Centers, high-quality health care will be available to all residents, greatly improving quality of life.

Education Center - Knowledge is Power. Al-Noor Morocco will provide a multitude of higher-education facilities in its Education Center. Residents will be offered a wide-range of learning opportunities and programs.

Commercial/Business Center - Shaping the Future. World-class business and retail operations will be located in the Commercial/Business Center. This will be the heart of operations for the city.

Media Center - Arts & Entertainment. The Media Center will focus on fun and entertainment of all varieties. Outdoor amphitheaters, performance theaters, symphony halls, movie theaters, and much more will delight the senses and stimulate the mind.

Agricultural Center - Farmer’s Market. Al-Noor Morocco will feature an Agricultural Center where residents can choose from a wide variety of locally grown fruits, vegetables, and other foods in an open-air atmosphere.

Fashion Center - Style & Substance. A unique Fashion Center will showcase locally-made clothing, jewelry, and accessories in a first-class environment. Designed specifically to cater to locals as well as tourists, this Center will be an unforgettable experience into the creative beauty and talent of the Moroccan people.

Industrial Center - Building the Future. The Industrial Center will provide the means for the building and creation of goods needed for the city, as well as providing goods for export.

Airport - Flying to New Heights. State-of-the-art, and a masterpiece of visual design, the Al-Noor Morocco Airport will help facilitate the business and tourist trade of the city.

Ports - Shipping. Al-Noor Morocco will feature a shipping port to handle the import/export trade to other countries and continents. A passenger ship port will provide vacationers and travelers a convenient and fun alternative to flying!

Transportation - Driving Change. One of the most unique aspects of this city will be its networked transportation system. Underground rail and roadways interconnected with the ports, airport, surface railways, and roads will make travel to any destination quick and easy. Walking paths will be extensively provided throughout to provide a viable and healthy alternative to driving.

This transportation network will provide the ability for resources and goods to be efficiently transported throughout

Africa by linking to the much larger “Africana Express” system which will run throughout Africa. The new “Bridge of the Kings”, to be located on the northern tip of Morocco, will provide a brand new rail and roadway link to Spain as well as Europe. This will open new doors of opportunity for the sharing of resources between continents and beyond.

15 Year Timeline

A 15-year master plan is being developed to illustrate the viability and efficiency of the City from inception to creation to its operation and maintenance.

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