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Welcome to Al-Noor City (City of Light!)

Noor City Development Corporation (NCDC) is an information technology, planning, development, and management company focusing on the creation and operation of new, people-based facilities around the world.

Included in this scope will be the creation and management of a series of cities ("City of Light" or "Al-Noor City") throughout the world that will provide economic opportunities, infrastructure, job creation, and housing programs to people living in those areas.

An Al-Noor City will be a globally integrated city challenging our intellectual expectations, commercial financing experiences, cultural limitations, and religious barriers. A first of its kind, and a truly humanitarian effort with the goal of:

Relieving poverty
Creating equitable standards of living
Satisfying the basic needs of its inhabitants
Establishing sustainable political practices
Avoiding irreversible damages to nature
Reconciling development with regenerative capacity of the natural environment

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