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Noor City Development Corporation (NCDC) is an information technology planning, development and management company focusing on the creation and operation of new “people based” facilities around the world.

The Noor City team is comprised of individuals and entrepreneurs with decades of experience working in government, finance, and management capacities in large and small projects. NCDC brings the best expertise to lead, build, and maintain “Al-Noor City”.

Noor CIty Development Corporation''s responsibility is the creation and management of new "City of Light" (or "Al-Noor City"), management of the cities operations and their assets with primary focus to provide economic opportunity, infrastructure, job creation and housing programs to people in those areas.

NCDC's founding principles:

Organization: Noor CIty Development Corporation is a private sector initiative focused on solving problems that embrace certain underlying requirements of the human condition, such as Health, Education, and Employment.
Experience: Noor CIty Development Corporation’s independent and open division aspects add to its history of development and breaking the paradigms, which allows the visionary leadership and cohesive skills needed to manage this project.
Structure: Noor CIty Development Corporation is able to create and deliver a structure very customized to serve this project.
Practical: Noor CIty Development Corporation is familiar with US and multinational business structures, having the capability to break the difference and recognize how to select and align resources.
Partnership: Noor CIty Development Corporation will be working with partners - not with contractors.
Knowledge: Noor CIty Development Corporationis able to manage the equity that will be created by this project.
Transparency: Noor CIty Development Corporation is committed to manage projects in a very transparent way, i.e. “business friendly”, which will also be attractive for businesses and investors.
Accountability: Noor CIty Development Corporation is putting all of its earnings and assets at risk. Noor CIty Development Corporation is not developing something and then selling it.Noor CIty Development Corporation has a continuing interest and will be involved for the long run.
Recognition of the Human Element: Noor City protects the “human element” and brings innovation in a creative way allowing the “human element” to fully develop itself.

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